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HYPHEN® Aria - The most comfortable earbuds ever
Color: Aria Black
Aria Black
Aria White
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HYPHEN Aria introduces a new kind of earbuds designed for all-day comfort on your ears, setting new standards in hearing comfort, safety, and sound quality. Its patented design allows you to remain aware of your surroundings while enjoying music, podcasts, or making calls.
HYPHEN Aria introduces a new kind of earbuds designed for all-day comfort on your ears, setting n...

HYPHEN® Aria - The most comfortable earbuds ever.
The core innovation behind HYPHEN Aria's unprecedented comfort is the patented Gravity Hook® technology. This design marvel ensures the earbuds fit comfortably and securely on all ear shapes without entering the ear canal. With three sizes tailored to fit the concha cavity of any ear, users can experience all-day comfort without any pressure on the eardrum, making you might just forget you're wearing them, even when running, biking or doing sport.

Ambient Awareness: A Step Ahead in Safety
HYPHEN Aria promotes an enhanced level of safety and environmental awareness. By design, these earbuds allow you to fully engage with your surroundings while enjoying your music, podcasts, or calls. The open-ear approach offers a significant advantage over traditional in-ear models and a more advanced solution than bone-conduction earbuds, providing a perfect balance between auditory experience and situational awareness.

Preventing Hearing Loss
HYPHEN Aria is meticulously designed to foster safe listening habits. By maintaining volume levels within a healthy range, these earbuds actively combat noise-induced hearing loss, ensuring users can enjoy high-quality sound without compromising their hearing health.

Semi Multi Point
If you're working on your laptop and then decide to switch to your phone, there’s no need to go back and disconnect anything. Just pick them from your phone's Bluetooth menu, and they'll jump over without any fuss. It’s like they know where they’re needed most, helping you stay in the flow, no matter what device you’re using.

Crystal Clear Calls
Enhanced with ENC technology, HYPHEN Aria offers superior call quality by utilizing a dual mic algorithm to cancel up to 90% of environmental noise. This reduction of ambient noise by up to 35dB dramatically improves sound clarity, ensuring loud and clear communication.

Dynamic Bass Enhancement
Dynamic Bass Enhancement technology enhances your listening by emphasizing bass at lower volumes, where traditional earbuds fall short. It intelligently adjusts EQ settings in real-time, ensuring a rich, balanced sound across all frequencies without needing to increase volume. This results in a fuller, more immersive audio experience that brings out every nuance of your music safely.

Learn more about HYPHEN® Aria on our Kickstarter Campaign

Designed with love in Switzerland ❤️️

Bluetooth: 5.2 type 1
Full touch controls with gestures
Custom 14.8mm driver with 20mW power
Weight: 55g
Voltage input: DC 5V
Impedance: 16±15% Ω
Supports: AAC, SBC, APTX, HFP 1.7.1, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3.1, AVRCP 1.6, SPP 1.2, PBAP 1.1.1, Device ID 1.3, AVCTP 1.4, AVDTP 1.3, MAP 1.1, GAVDP 1.3, RFCOMM 1.2, TDS 1.0
Frequency response: 20-20KHz
Distortion: <5% at 1000 Hz
Transmission distance: up to 30m / 100ft
Main material: ABS
Double channel support: YES
Battery capacity
Earbuds: 3.7V - 48mAh
Charging case: 3.7V - 500mAh
Working time
Up to 540 minutes
Charging time
Earbuds: 60 min (70% in 15 minutes)
Charging case: 60 minutes

HYPHEN® Aria earbuds 

HYPHEN® Aria charging case 
Gravity Hooks (3x sizes: S - M - L) 
USB-C to USB-C nylon braided charging cable 
User manual

The unboxing video will be posted soon.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Dávid Tóth
Heavy hitter

Heavy earpiece, tiresome after a longer while, but I guess that's the price you pay for the great sound-quality and volume. Like the open-ear biological design, felt weird at first, takes some getting used to, but find it better than the usual earplug design. Clever touchcontrols, sophisticated materials, huge case though, still fits my pocket. Huge thumbs up for the development team, thoughtful design, thank you!

Viktor Zsiros
Needs time to get used to

Sound is very good. I just need more time to find out what is the best way for my ear - to wear the Hyphen Aria. So far - I can feel pain from my earlap after 2-3 hours with it. Tried the medium and the big eartips. I am 190cm, and male - so I did not tried the small. But I think I must give it a try. Bluetooth connection was perfect with every devices I tried (Samsung S21, PC, LG TV)

Christian Stollberg
Rolling Square's HYPHEN Aria earbuds

I'm delighted with my purchase of Rolling Square's HYPHEN Aria earbuds. The unique air conduction design provides a remarkably clear and open listening experience, mimicking natural hearing. Their comfort and ability to keep me aware of my environment make them ideal for everyday use, especially during activities.

If you're looking for a new level of audio quality and convenience, these earbuds are a fantastic choice.

Amine Hakim
The Hyphen Aria are great

The Hyphen Aria are great. They are very comfortable to wear and you actually forget they are there. The call quality is very good and the music is perfect for me. The other benefit is that you can hold a normal conversation while listening to music in the background. Highly recommended