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EDGE® Pro Full Kit - MagSafe modular kit
Color: Hyperspace Black
Hyperspace Black
Asteroid Grey
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EDGE® Pro Ecosystem combines EDGE® Pro Core, a universal mount made to magnetically hold any phone and tablet, EDGE® Pro Light and the 15W EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger.
EDGE® Pro Ecosystem combines EDGE® Pro Core, a universal mount made to magnetically hold any phon...

EDGE® Pro is more than just a portable workstation solution designed for remote working and home office. It's a game-changer for your productivity and creativity, yet the natural "Pro" evolution of our beloved first modular work from home kit, EDGE®. 

The Full Kit includes EDGE® Pro Core, a detachable arm able to hold tablets and smartphones, EDGE® Pro Light and EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger.

EDGE® Pro is based on MagSafe, but it's also compatible with Android phones, older iPhones, iPads and tablets. It can be combined with other EDGE® Pro modules to create any custom setup you can imagine. 

EDGE® Pro Core
EDGE® Pro Core is the main component of the ecosystem, but it's not just a phone mount. You can now easily detach it from your laptop and keep using it in standalone mode, magnetically holding your iPhone, Android phone and even a tablet!* 

EDGE® Pro Core can attach to the EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger and EDGE® Pro Light, giving you also the chance to adjust the inclination of any module or device it will be combined with, both in portrait and landscape mode! With its ultra thin 2.5mm / 0.1in profile, it will become the essential tool to improve the management of your tasks, also giving you the possibility to benefit of exclusive features like Apple Continuity Camera (MacBook + iPhone) and Apple Sidecar (MacBook + iPad).

 *Two EDGE® Pro Cores needed for tablet support. Magnetic rings and discs included for any non-MagSafe device.

EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger
EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger is fully MagSafe compatible, and supports not only iPhone 12 and above but also older iPhones and Android devices equipped with wireless charging capabilities. This is made possible by the included Metal Ring, ensuring a strong magnetic attachment for non-MagSafe devices as well.

EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger can charge your devices up to 15W, it's made of CNC machined aluminium and equipped with strong N52 magnets. Every EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger includes a USB-C to C cable (1.5m / 5ft) that supports fast charging up to 60W. 

Thanks to its detachable cable design, you can use the included cable or use any other USB-C cable with the EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger.

EDGE® Pro Light
EDGE® Pro Light magnetically snaps on the EDGE® Pro Core. It’s been designed to light up your calls and your workspace, with improved features like the 1000 lumens brightness, 5 different brightness/temperatures levels. 

Thanks to its built-in battery, you can light up your meetings with or without the included USB-C to C cable (30cm / 1ft), enjoying 1 hour of pure brightness at maximum power or up to 5 hours of light at the lowest intensity.

Designed with love ❤️️ in Switzerland 

EDGE® Pro Core
Size opened product): 154x58x2.5mm / 6x2.3x0.1in ;Size (closed product): 79x58x5mm / 3.1x2.3x0.2in
Materials: CNC machined aluminium, with 30x N52 magnets and 4 ultra gripping layers on the front and back surfaces
Weight: 59gr / 2.1oz
EDGE® Pro Light
Size: Ø56x18mm / Ø2.2x0.7in
Materials: CNC machined aluminium Hyperspace Black
Brightness: 1000 Lumens with 5x different temperature/intensity modes
Input: 5V-0.4A
Battery Capacity: 400mAh / 0.5Wh
Weight: 55gr / 1.9oz
EDGE® Wireless Charger
Size: Ø56x8mm / Ø2.2x0.3in
Input: 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
Output: 7.5W/10W/15W
Materials: CNC machined aluminium Hyperspace Black with N52 magnets
Weight: 51gr / 1.8oz


EDGE® Pro Core 

1 EDGE® Pro Core
1 Magnetic disc
1 Metal plate
2 Metal discs
1 Metal ring
1 Plate Nano suction layer
1 Disc Nano suction layer
1 Plate remover 
Eco-friendly packaging
EDGE® Pro Wireless Charger
1 EDGE® Wireless Charger
1 USB-C to USB-C 1.5m / 5ft cable
1 Magnetic ring
1 Magnetic ring aligner 
Eco-friendly packaging 
EDGE® Pro Light 
1 EDGE® Pro Light
1 USB-C to USB-C 30cm / 1ft cable 
Eco-friendly packaging

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EDGE® Pro Full Kit - MagSafe modular kit
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Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Rolling Square has deservedly earned my…

Rolling Square has deservedly earned my trust and my admiration for their attention to top quality. Have stopped backing projects in Indiegogo and Kickstarter because of bad experiences multiple times and because o have lost a lot of money. However, i gladly make exception when it is a Rolling Sauare product. Have.backed Hyphen, Incharge, and one or two more of your projects. As an aside, i am looking to purchase 2 more Aircard bundles but have been spoilt with early bird pricing. Have them in my cart , however was wondering if you could consider extending special pricing for my repeat purchases? Even if you do not , my opinion of Rolling Sauare Brand stays sky high.

Barry M
Top quality premium products

Top quality products, they do what they say on the tin.

Premium materials, very happy with quick dispatch also. Will be recommending to friends and family

Zorica Muric
Customer retained!

From the packaging , and attention to detail, to the booklet. Top class, all the way. Still figuring out all of the use cases of edge pro, and loving every step along the way. The presents were a nice touch. Really feel the vibe of a tribe with the product in hand. 🙏🏾

Yolanda Pepper Miller
Great product

Great product