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Our goal is to define new markets, redefining the standard. We create unique cables, trackers, chargers and tools that solve everyday problems in uncommon ways....
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Since 2014, we've been aiming to redefine the future of cables through crowdfunding. The first inCharge led to the creation of a unique...
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Seeing our devices run out of power is frustrating. That's why we've designed a line of charging devices aimed at preventing the dreaded...
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Productivity is a crucial aspect of our lives that can be significantly improved with the right lifehacking tools. The productivity collection aims to...
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In 2023, our partnership with Apple led to the launch of AirCard, the first card-sized Bluetooth tracker with Digital Business Card and RFID...
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Our audio series has been anticipating industry trends since 2018. Now, through the HYPHEN brand, we're pushing forward to explore new paths and technologies...
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